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Welcome to New World Aid Organisation (nwaid)


New World Aid organisation is a humanitarian focused, support and funding organisation that was more..


To take the world community to the next level where there is no one is left behind


To have a transformed world community where all the basic needs and human rights are preserved.


Peaceful people and communities where peoples fundamental human rights are fully more..

Women empowerment is one of our key aspects regarding the world community development.
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Our Objectives

Organisation Beneficiaries

....Changing the world into a better place ....

Though nwaid looks at the quality of life of all humanity in a society, our immediate beneficiaries are children, women, victims of human right abuse, refugees and those in need (helpless) in the world.

With the high level of enthusiasm by our team to search and help every one , nwaid organisation will not rest unit its mission and vision are at a stand.

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They deserve another chance and together we can make a world a better place with economic stability, social and sustainable use of the environment through capacity building, Advocacy, conducting research and service delivery.

nwaid doesn't restrict members by reason of age, citizenship, color, disability, gender, race, religion, nationality, origin, political affiliation, provided the individual is ready to support and identify with the vision and mission of the organization.
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