nwaid has the following objectives:

To help in the minimization of effects of natural calamities and hazards such as earthquakes, floods, famine, etc. We carry out disaster relief activities such as rescue, preparedness and management, nwaid intervenes whenever there is a need for help

To create a structure space for refugees to have a voice and engage in participatory dialogue with other refuges and relevant stock holders at local, national and global levels.

To consolidate and channel the learning from the consultants into the development of guidelines and policy recommendations on refugees inclusive programming, to promote the humanity sector understanding of, and how to work with refugees.

To promote the human rights as set out in Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR) throughout the world by all or any of the following;
Monitoring abuses of human rights, obtaining the address of the victims of human rights abuse, Relieving the need among the victims of human rights abuse, Research into humans issues, educating the public about human rights,

nwaid further does charitable works for children throughout the world including work through families and their communities for; the relief of poverty and need, the provision of education and training, the promotion, protection and provision for health.
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To promote development efforts, particularly among thr rural and urban folks by empowering them with technical skills and home economics, with generally to advise on setting up cottage industries with a view of encouraging them to self reliance.

nwaid provides food, shelter and other basic necessities of life to orphaned and destitute children

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