Membership of this organisation shall be limited to individuals, community based Associations, NGOs and other personalities interested in or working in social development.

All attending personalities, bodies or groups of people wishing to join the organisation shall formally apply to the executive council for approval of their membership free of charge.

A person shall qualify to become a member after being endorsed by three members of the Association and he/she must be of the age consent (18 years and above). All applicants whose applications are approved shall be registered in a register of members.

Our objectives
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Membership Categories

1. Founder membership
These are the members who have appended their hands here unto having resolved and committed time and resources to found the organisation and are the subscribers to this constitution.

2. Ordinary membership
Ordinary membership shall be opened to all individuals who are willing and able to subscribe to the objectives, aspirations and conditions of the organization. Every member shall subscribe a fee annually, such amount may be revised during Annual General Meeting (AGM).

3. Associate Membership
the Associate membership shall be any organization or group of persons, firm, company or any other legal entity admitted to the organisation as an associate member or an affiliate after applying and fulfilling all the conditions laid out in this constitution or as amened from time to time.
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Obligations Of Members

1. To respect and protect the constitution of the organisation

2. To protect and work for the solidarity of the organisation.

3. To present the organisation when called upon and appointed by the board of the organization.

4. To attend any meetings, participate in discussions and voting whenever invited.

5. To meet all the required payments regularly and promptly ans perform deli gently any of the organisation duties as from time to time.

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